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8 07 2008


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I am: different, just like everyone else 🙂
I think: little
I know: my limitations
I wish: I could roam around world without bothering about anything
I miss: my childhood friends and the happy times we had
I fear: being a burden to anyone
I feel: responsible for all my actions
I hear: only what is needed
I wonder: why people unnecessarily complicate things
I regret: nothing. (Every step is a learning experience)
I love: always to sing
I ache: for children suffering for no fault of theirs (esp in cases like divorce or unwedded mothers)
I care: about others more than for myself
I am not: the best,but I try to do my best
I sing: loud
I cry: only if no one is seeing
I fight: for what I believe is right
I write: so badly, still I write !
I win: if there is no one to compete 🙂
I lose: if I am convinced I am wrong
I never: go against my values
I always: keep my promises
I confuse: faces and names
I listen: sincerely when people are confiding in me.
I need: good and reliable Friends


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8 07 2008
Ahamed Ibrahim

Ahamed Ibrahim

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